A good life – la belle vie

Many time I have been asked: does it worth it to come to New Zealand? Are we happy? How can I overcome the obstacles, and how can we do it alone here on the other side of the world, where you have to travel more than 3000km to at least reach another country?
Course it is not easy, if it would be everyone could be here. We are lucky, but on the other hand we are making sacrifices, but hey nothing come for free right? So for us it is definitely worth it. We have a good life.
Today we were on the beach. We bought a tent yesterday, and it is working like charm. So we could be out longer and the kids are loving it. Today Reka told me several time, She is very-very happy. Anna is Anna of course. It is supernatural for her to be here, and Gergo is also easy going. He was only 5 when we arrived, so it was much more easier to him to keep the things up.
Anyhow, you need a purpose, to make a reasoning behind every question, so what is worth for us, will not worth for everyone, but here is some picture, why we love it:)

And now I can understand why Mary and Philip call their motor-home “bonne vie”:)

5 thoughts on “A good life – la belle vie”

  1. Roviden a forditas: Szoktak kerdezni, hogy megert-e kimennunk Uj Zelandra, amire persze nehez valaszolni, mert kinek mi eri meg. Nekunk megerte a nehezsegek ellenere is, es ez szerintem lathato a kepeken.
    A napokban vettunk szelsatrat, hogy tudjunk menni a tengerre – nem sut be pl a nap, plusz a surf klubba is tobbet tudunk kintmaradni. A sracok siman masfel orat aludtak benne:)
    Szoval az “elet jo”, egyebkent Mary is Philip igy nevezi a lakokocsijukat, amit most mar ertek miert

    1. Demjén István és Zsuzsanna

      Köszönöm szépen! A sátor remek ötlet,nagyon örülünk,hogy jól érzitek magatokat.!

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